Basic facts about the ship and solar system.



We have very little information on how the jump drive functions. The basics: It tears a hole in the fabric of space-time called a wormhole for the ship to step through, from one location to another. The forces exerted by the jump are too great for organic bodies to withstand (save insects), thereby necessitating the gravity couches. To be outside them when the jump drive engages will result in death. However, something about the process is faulty, and more of us are stolen aboard with every jump.

We are unsure how the monstrous creatures inhabiting the Tranquility survive the jumps.


There was a ship previous to the Tranquility that was the prototype for the drive. It was called the Solitude*. All records indicate the testing was successful, and did not show the same malfunctions inherent in the Tranquility.


Rensik originally claimed to control the jump drives, and was very secretive about their function. She refused to allow anyone in to see them, even supervised. She did mention at one point that the jump drive is also known as "Clarke's drive." We've been unable to find any further information on this. However, it has since been revealed that Resnik is not controlling the jumps, nor is she able to direct them. The ship is driving itself, and our destination, if we have one, is unknown.


The ship has apparently been officially missing according to the ruling government for forty years. It's classified not as a colony ship as previously thought, but as a warship, or Demologos.

At some point, the science crew began running experiments on prisoners, turning them into what we now know as manticores. This seems to have been done with the permission of (or the direct order of) the Prime Minister, Van Rijn.


"don't forget what i told you. you'll have to move faster now, because it still wants to keep you. just like it kept them :)”

In regards to where we’re supposed to move:

"to where you're all supposed to be". “to where you're going to end.”

In regards to how we’re supposed to move faster:

“you should be careful, it's easy to slip and fall when you can't see the road you're already on.”

In regards to going to the colony the Tranquility was meant to bring the colonists to, where we were meant to go,and where the ship is programmed to go :

“you can't go somewhere that never happened.” “you're already there.” “YOU'RE ALREADY THERE. :)” “you were always going here. you've been here all along.” "you're already home."

In further regard to what lies at the end of our destination:

“forever. and after that, nothing.”

"tick tock tick tock BOOM."

In regards to whether he is a manticore, AI, animal vegetable or mineral:

“not even close.”

In regards to where “they” are now:

"right here. waiting. nowhere." “right here. waiting.” “does anyone leave?”

In regards to whether “they” are the former experiments/crew/people who have disappeared (and other similar inquiries as to who “they” are):

“n o. y e s. N O. it kept all of them.”

In regards to whether “it” is the ship:

“it's everything.”

Other things Smiley has mentioned multiple times:

  • he is “not himself”
  • he never lies
  • implies that people we know (who we know to have been on the ship or otherwise) are here and waiting for us
  • we have to figure out this riddle for ourselves
  • he’s already given us all the answers, it’s the questions we have to find
  • we often don’t ask the right questions
  • he’s not like us
  • he sometimes refers to himself as Ishmael; Ishmael is a figure referred to in religious texts who was the first-born son of Abraham and his wife’s handmaiden, Hagar. When his wife had a son of her own, Issac, she demanded Ishmael and Hagar be cast out and Ishmael removed from the inheritance of Abraham’s house. Abraham gave into her and left Hagar and Ishmael in the desert, but they were saved from death by God. Ishmael went on to have twelve sons of his own, establish his own city/kingdom, and was considered the father of the Arab people. The phrase, “Call me Ishmael,” is also the first line of the famous novel Moby Dick.
  • he is capable of observing what occurs upon the ship, but seems to be unable (or does not wish) to do anything himself
  • he has proven that he knows intimate details about everyone on board, even things that have never been spoken out loud


  • People started getting pulled onto the ship the first time the ship ever made a jump. The prisoners being experimented on were jump victims just like us, the only difference being that the original crew was still present.
  • The jump drive created a time/space anomaly that has something to do with not just our presence here, but with Smiley’s implications that we have always been here and never leave, even as we had/have lives elsewhere.