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  • sighting » transmission with Ianto Jones
    • Sole passenger of Jump 019
    • From the town of Pernambuco, on the planet of Pasiphae.
    • I know I never got in enough trouble to have to go spend a rotation looking for it. (Why was anyone looking for it in the first place?) I'd imagine because it's still missing. Something that expensive up and disappears, nobody's ever really done looking for it.
    • (What do you know about the Tranquility's origins and how it disappeared?) Government ship-- meant for colonization, went missing about... forty or fifty years ago? Right after launch.
  • sighting » transmission with Tony Stark
    • Went to bed in my own bed, woke up hacking up a lung here. Same as the rest of us.
    • (Does Earth ring a single bell here?) As something from a history book, yeah. I've heard what it's I've heard what it's supposed to be.
    • I never felt much call towards discovery-- I like what's already discovered well enough. ... Content with my lot. ... Got my need to travel out already. Settling's fine by me, now. ... Shot in the line. ... Getting shot tends to do that to a man. ... Service'd let me go, and there's no place I haven't been yet.
  • sighting » transmission with Irene Addler
  • post » Name's Joe Davis, based outta Pernambuco. That's just about on the far edge of the farms on Pasiphae, right.
    • (On Pernambuco:) Lots of open sky-- lots of green. Farms, ranches. I got a little place on the outside of town, nothing special but we stay afloat.
    • (You know about ships like these?) Titan class, yessir. But the-- couches? And the jumps, those're new to me. (You spent some time on one, I take it.) Yessir. Had to on and off, for a while. During my tours. (You were in the military then?) Couldn't quite settle down, back in the day. I tried my hand at rodeoing, but it wasn't for me. Only other road left was serving my time.
    • Daughter named Josephine who turned 7 last winter. Daughter's mother's name is Mariana.
    • Not enough sky on Hyperion for my taste and too many people on Alexandria, but everybody's gotta live someplace.
    • Pernambuco's real green-- pretty, I guess. Never could feel right on Hyperion with half the world stuck underground like that. ... Atmosphere's toxic-- air's no good. Underground's a little safer. (Why is it like that?) Terraforming's-- how they made the place ready when they got here-- not sticking.
    • Van Rijn's been in office a while now. ... PM-- prime minister, ma'am. (Is he elected?) The party is.
    • Naval Forces has ships, mostly. Groundwork's Army.
    • Hyperion's where most've the ships still flying around after a year or two came from. You want a ship worth buying that's where you go. (Are there many shipyards?) Just about everywhere they can pack 'em.
    • (Why the Greeks?) If I had to lay a guess, I'd say because of Alexander. The conquering and settling new land and such. (That was a long time ago for here, wasn't it?) Back when we still lived on earth, so longer than anybody around can remember.
    • (Can you tell us about Strela?) --Strela. I haven't heard that name come up in... lord knows. Abandoned station, overrun and used for basing smuggling runs now, I'd imagine.
    • (On Gallagher:) Now, there's a name I know. They did a press blitz, I've seen the old feeds. He's front and center in every one. If I have my facts right, he was some kinda genius-- maybe a diplomat? Could've been a scientist. The fine details aren't my area here, sorry to say.
    • (The pirates we had on board. Seems one of them pointed out that the Tranquility was something called Demologos. War ship, apparently.) You'd have to ask the ones who built it on that score. ???
    • (What's the star date?) 939, AE. (A.E. = After Earth)
    • (On Earth:) I'm not much good with the long story, but the way they teach it in school is we'd outstayed our welcome.
    • (Haven't wandered too far from the Sol system, then.) Couple hundred light years, if I'm remembering that rotation right.
    • (Central government party?) New Alliance party-- van Rijn's at the head, now.
    • (More on Gallagher:) I know he was looking to rise up. He was, uh-- how'd you say it. A smart soldier, I guess. (Moving up the ladder in the government, gaining some power? Is that something that happens often with 'smart soldiers' out here, or is that how Gallagher made his name?) Couldn't speak to ambitions, but he was the kind they like to put in a nice uniform and brag about. ... Far as anyone can tell, he was a model officer. A little new school. (New school?) More-- Friendly, maybe. Than some of the guys expected.
    • (Not enough conquerable worlds nearby, gotta find some backups?) --only the three're any good. ... Three and their moons, I should say. And it's a worry for some.
    • It's a joke, with the guys. You ruffle feathers on somebody high up enough, they send you to find some tranquility. They post 'em on Ceres, guys just watch the screens until they get called back. You screw that up you're out, but nobody thinks it'll be around to screw up.
    • (So is Alexandria the capital?) Nossir, that'd be the Jiutian. (...What is that? A ship?) An orbital-- uh, an city sized space station. (Orbiting what?) Jiutian's stuck fast over Alexandria.

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  • sighting » transmission with Obi-wan Kenobi after the fire in the gardens.
  • sighting » transmission with Carolyn Fry, Hikaru Sulu, and Padme Amidala
    • (On the Cyllene:) Luxury station-- housed politicians, mostly. (Any reason why it would be empty?) Couldn't say, ma'am. Went offline and missing-- 'round the same time as the ship, come to think of it.
    • (What was it housing the politicians for?) Bit of a ways between here and Jiutian, ma'am. Having a station rigged out like home so they could do their business on the edges was the selling point.
    • (On Tranquility) Wasn't anybody who didn't throw down whatever money they could-- even had a lottery for a few spots if you couldn't pay, I remember the story right.
  • sighting » transmission with Tyke

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  • sighting » transmission with Carolyn Fry
    • Referring to the [SHARED MEMORY]
    • (Do most important prisoners get one special bodyguard?) None of 'em do. Prisoners forfeit certain rights, being handled gently's one of them. Six months ago, I would've said they wouldn't bring any along at all, but I guess I learned my lesson there. (Is it possible she was maybe a new prisoner? Someone they picked up along the way? Judging by the first transmission we found of Gallagher's, they had some travel before they got to the first jump point.) They were talking first roster shift switches. Means they'd just set off, maybe a couple days into it. I'd say they couldn't have stopped either way, but it's a bad bet. (What sort of important prisoner might end up with special treatment?) My money'd be on something personal. You gotta have real leverage to pull strings like that. Fortune to back it up wouldn't hurt, either. (Maybe Gallagher knew her, then? That'd be personal, but it'd still mean she was actually a prisoner and not someone who could buy her way out of jail.) I hate to say it, ma'am, but if you got that kinda money you never find yourself in jail to get out. The woman— Matine? Called her 'his prisoner'. Gallagher's, I mean. Only way it'd make sense, anyway.
    • (His prisoner specifically. Is that common?) Against the regs, pulling something like that. Rank's got privilege, but if he tugged somebody off their first shift to watch her alone it'd get marked down. ...she said he wasn't supposed to see it. Makes me think it wasn't on-book. (So the captain was abusing his authority for this prisoner to be on the ship and watched by Ward.) From where I'm sitting, what I saw? Sounds about right. Nothing's fitting with what I thought I knew, but this place's been good for that. Makes sense Gallagher picked him for it, though. Ward. (What do you mean?) Rank, mostly. And he didn't strike me as the kind who talks much. (Why does it make sense with rank?) You want something like this done quiet? No officers, no new recruits. Staff sergeant's like him's just experienced enough to be good, not enough clout to make trouble later.
    • (How do you know Ward isn't a talker?) Met him a couple weeks back. Like I said, he didn't talk much. (You met him? What happened?) Exchanged a few words. He's... (Which were? Where was he? What was he doing?) Went looking to see if I could find anything down that corridor, met him about halfway there. (Which corridor?) Headed to those quarters we found, ma'am. I started walking and there he was. ...was a little strange, now that I think about it. (The guard quarters? What was strange, specifically?) I kept an eye on the entrance for a bit. Habit. Didn't see him go in, but he was close in, looked like he'd been moving and not just standing around for a piece. Could be he was coming from the other way and was heading back last minute, I suppose. (Did he have anything with him?) Just his piece. ...and a bag, now that I think on it. (Did the bag look like it had anything in it?) Couldn't say. Didn't look overfull, at least. ... We spoke a piece and went our own ways, but he never talked about the bag. (What did he talk about?) I asked him if he was the one y'all meant, he said he was. Asked if he intended to kill me, he said he didn't. Had a few questions 'bout local matters, nothing too important. ... Turns out he's off Ceres. ...that'd be one of our moons. Asked about how crops are doing, some basics 'bout who was still in office. Like I said, nothing much important.
    • (And there are people still in office? After forty years?) Yes'm, I'd say so. Van Rijn's been PM about double that by now, I'd say. ... Folks just like to keep casting their vote for him, I suppose. (And how old is he now?) I couldn't give you an exact figure, but I'd say nearing on... gotta be maybe a hundred fifty, I'd say. (How is he not dead?) Well... he's from Alexandria, ma'am. They augment on the inner planets. ... Helps folk out, I guess— gives nature a boost, that kinda thing. Brains, looks, longer life... always seemed a little like stacking a deck to me, but that's just how we see it back home. (Genetically? With nanites? A combination? Something else?) Couldn't tell you the process, ma'am, but the big stuff's done before birth. Designer babies or something like that.
    • (With this information and what you know about the government in this universe, would you say it's within the realm of possibility that at least part of the crew of the Tranquility was under orders to create genetically modified human beings to be used in less-than-peaceful colonization?) I'd say from what I've picked up about these beasts of yours— assuming that's what we're talking about, here— they'd strike a certain set of folk as a decent enough army, if you could control 'em.
      • Referring to [MANTICORES]
  • sighting » transmission with Alex Summers

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  • sighting » transmission with Clara Oswald

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