What to read before asking questions on the network.

Q » Why was I chosen? Edit

Your guess is as good as ours. We have yet to find many commonalities between all the passengers.

Q » Where are we going? Edit

Previously, Resnik told us we were headed to Alexandria. However, it was recently discovered that our true destination is unknown. Ward and Resnik do not possess override codes for the jump drive, and our course cannot currently be altered.

Q » People have been on this ship all this time and no one's figured it all out and gotten us all home? What incompetence! Clearly no one has tried (insert your idea here) / I'm really good at this sort of thing, I'll rescue us all in no time / Why haven't we just mutinied and taken the ship and flown home? Edit

Thank you, our great and wonderful savior, for telling us how much better you are at this than any of us after being here for ten minutes and reading a guide. The rest of us are simply little people who have never thought of such things. You are clearly more experienced than all of us combined. Nothing has ever been tried, as you suspect.

We're being perfectly sarcastic here, in case you have trouble reading tone.

Q » But why can't we just steal a shuttle and go home? Edit

Because they're shuttles. As they're designed for short-distance travel, they have limited oxygen and fuel supply. They're also incapable of traveling through time or breaching the barrier between different universes, so they couldn't get most of us home. While they could conceivably get us away from the ship, we would again stress that they're designed for short-distance travel only, and we have no reliable maps of the space we're in. Our location also changes every jump, so any compiled data or tentative mapping becomes useless.

Q » You don't understand, I have [very important thing] going on back home, I need to get back! Edit

You and everyone else. If it's any consolation, people are sometimes spontaneously sent back home, to just about the same time they were taken from. We know this because we've had people come aboard more than once, sometimes with their memories intact.

Q » What do you mean, "with their memories intact?" Edit

Sometimes people disappear and come back weeks or months later with no memory of their previous time here.

Q » What happens to people who disappear and don't come back? Edit

We think that means they go home. We can't promise anything.

Q » What is space and why can't I go outside? Edit

There is no outside. Imagine space as something like the ocean. If you fall into it, you can't breathe, but in this case there's no hope of swimming, either. Space is the void between planets, like the ocean is the mass of water between continents. This ship lets us cross through space, but there's no going outside until we land.

Q » How do you know we're really in space? There are no windows. Clearly, you're all gullible. Edit

People have gone out in the shuttles and we've taken a couple pit stops. We're in space. If you need convincing, there are windows in the shuttle bay.

Q » What system of law do we have on board? Edit

We don't have one. We're working on it, but it's complicated. We do have a security team and a basic sense of ethics, so despite having no official laws saying so, we still don't abide by things like murder and theft, and security will take action against anyone caught.

Q » Wait, it's been how many months and you don't have a system of law on board?! Edit

If you can find the time to perfect one between people disappearing, people dying, and our regularly scheduled monthly horrors, you're a better man/woman/entity than us. But if you find yourself with an overwhelming abundance of free time, by all means, work on it. Just be aware that we have some wildly differing cultures and values on board, as well as few reasonable solutions for punishment. This has all been hashed out repeatedly to little success.

Q » Where do I go to... "relieve" myself? Edit

We have these wonderful things called bathrooms. They contain toilets. Lift the lid, do your business, it flushes automatically.

Q » Why are there wolves everywhere? Edit

Ask the Starks. It's their fault.

Q » There are animals in the oxygen garden. And a dragon! Can we kill and eat them? Edit

No. Those animals belong to people, just like the wolves do. Don't kill them, and don't feed them without permission.

Q » What do I do if I read the whole guide and my question wasn't answered? Edit

Ask here, and we'll do our best to answer promptly.