We docked at a space station called Tansei shortly after the first jump. Unfortunately, there was only one working shuttle at the time and no passengers were allowed to visit when Ward and Resnik docked for supplies. They did take requests, and there were stowaways. We're looking for first-person accounts of the station.

JUMP 002 Edit

JUMP 003 Edit


Multiple individuals reported being attacked by an unknown entity. Primary symptoms included pain and severe exhaustion. The attacker was later identified as 001 » 099. As of Jump 015, he is no longer on board.


In apparent defiance of the laws of physics, the hallways of the Tranquility seemed to have a mind of their own for a time, trapping anyone who attempted to traverse them. Communication also suffered unknown technical interference.

The trapped passengers were eventually lead to a marked door. This was the first known encounter with the entity known as or Smiley. Please see the entity files for further information:

JUMP 004 Edit


A passenger named Megamind infiltrated engineering and attempted mutiny by threatening to engage the jump drives. Megamind was confined to the brig for a time and served community service under the supervision of James Kirk and Spock.

JUMP 005 Edit


Multiple passengers experienced demonic possession upon waking from the jump. The demons were capable of masquerading as their hosts and went almost entirely unnoticed until one was observed outside of a body, taking the form of black smoke. Passengers familiar with these entities recognized them and sounded the alarm. Exorcisms were performed.


JUMP 006 Edit



A dose of hallucinogenic gas was released in the vicinity of the oxygen gardens. Affected individuals experienced visual and auditory hallucinations inspired by their fears. Many were driven to panic or violence in response.


  • text appearance 04 First network post. Puzzle linked to two separate encrypted files. The solution to the puzzle provided a password for the second file (ARGO), which eventually revealed a map.
    Maze map
  • text appearance 05 We know now this is completely true. Our messages can be locked against intrusion from other passengers, but not from Ward, Resnik, or Smiley.
  • text appearance 06 Another puzzle, leading to two hidden subfiles within the previously mentioned files. These files provided the second half of the infamous list, as well as the starting point for the previously mentioned map. Additionally, it lead to this.


A passenger nicknamed Hotspur (designation 001 » 060) found information regarding the ship's previous captain and confronted Ward and Resnik about the matter. He was trapped outside of the gravity couches under suspicious circumstances directly before the jump, but managed to convey what he'd found before dying.

JUMP 007 Edit



Passengers began to suffer from a mysterious illness. Symptoms included fever, bleeding from orifices, digits and eyes turning blue, and seizures. Even individuals normally exempt from illness, such as vampires, found they were susceptible. Others were not, for reasons still unknown. The entity known as announced the way to the cure on the network. Retrieval was successful with some delays in the form of black holes in the hallway (again in defiance of the laws of physics) and hostile creatures in the science lab where the maze lead.

Smiley maze

located at lab entrance

JUMP 008Edit


A hive mind infesting the space station Strela attempted to assimilate a number of Tranquility passengers on shore leave. Some attempts were successful, but were reversed with distance from the hive. Others never returned. The entity known as is reported to have helped some escape before assimilation could be completed.

JUMP 009Edit

Betty Ross discovers the maze is gone, leaving direct access to the science department.

JUMP 010Edit


Passengers reported a strange fog before becoming lost in some of their worst nightmares come to life. It was sometimes possible to cross into another person's nightmare and help them. There's little documentation of this time, aside from the initial reports of fog, but indications are that it lasted approximately a week.

JUMP 011Edit

Jaye reports her experience staying out during the jump (as a bug).


The ship lost power and entered emergency standby mode. Room doors malfunctioned, sometimes locking people in or out, and resisted even significant brute force. Most passengers gathered in the garden while the engineering crew worked to restore normal functions. Sometime during this incident, some of the locked morgue drawers in the medical bay were found opened and empty. Some supplies went missing. Communications picked up a disturbance over audio channels coming from the ship itself. After a few days, the ship regained power, only for passengers to find that masks were left on all the doors to rooms currently occupied, one for each person and unique in appearance. Previously occupied rooms also had masks on the doors, identical to each other. The purpose of the masks has yet to be determined.

JUMP 012Edit


An audio post...

JUMP 013Edit


While the network was down during this time and there is therefore no publicly recorded documentation of the incident, some people failed to wake from their stasis sleep proceeding this jump. Concerned friends were unable to free them from the gravity couches. However, they functioned normally upon the next jump, releasing their occupants. No one reported any negative effects from the experience, although many people experienced a shared dream.

JUMP 014Edit

JUMP 015Edit

Dead men DO tell tales.


People using the lifts began to disappear, being relocated throughout the ship to unintended destinations. Once there, the lifts would no longer respond and people would become lost in the hallways, sometimes finding each other but unable to find a way back. Eventually, those lost found themselves at the entrance to a genetics laboratory. Inside, a former passenger, Keller, was found unharmed but trapped, accompanied by the message: YOU'RE WELCOME :). Unfortunately, he came accompanied by more of the same creatures previously found in the science labs, as well as some very large rat-like creatures.

JUMP 016Edit

Cleanout of the genetics lab unsuccessful - considered to be fully infested.

JUMP 017Edit


A crew of pirates identifying themselves as belonging to the ship Scylla boarded the Tranquility to take supplies. Passengers did not react positively, but many tried warning the crew about the ship. Those warnings were met with disbelief. Some pirates were killed in self-defense or in defense of personal belongings, but others appear to have died under much more hostile circumstances. Security eventually rounded up all remaining crew members and brought them to the brig. Ward took it upon himself to murder them all in cold blood, including a girl of no more than sixteen, so they couldn't tell the outside world about the Tranquility. We boarded the Scylla, but were unable to pilot it due to a dead man's switch. The body of a pirate previously having died in medbay was reported missing and later found mutilated.

JUMP 018Edit

An echo of Hotspur's last message broadcasts just before the jump.

JUMP 020Edit


Expecting to wake up on the nineteenth jump, all new passengers are marked with a 20. There is a single passenger with a 19 on his arm, but he does not recall waking before anyone else.

JUMP 021Edit


Clara Oswald uncovers a transmission between Ward and Resnik, courtesy of Smiley.

JUMP 022Edit


The remains of a jump victim were found immediately outside the medical bay after the jump. Those remains were quickly identified as belonging to Matthew Keller. Soon afterward, the following was posted to the network by Smiley:


Inexplicably, we found ourselves docked at the space station Cyllene, a beautiful, high-class, well-stocked affair that was mysteriously abandoned. If you've been paying attention, you know by now this was obviously a Bad Idea, but no one aboard this ship is capable of passing up fresh food and supplies. By the second day, doors were behaving erratically and there were reports of "shadowy figures" in the hallways or voices over the loudspeakers. By the third day, the station was actively hostile, trapping people in rooms and setting off some emergency protocols. The voices became less ambiguous, demanding that people leave with urgency.

On the plus side, no one seems to have sustained any lasting harm and we got out of there with quite a haul. I suppose that makes us the pirates now.

JUMP 023 Edit


Without explanation, we find ourselves unable to sleep through the night, or at all at times, save in moments of complete exhaustion. That coupled random bleeding from ears, noses, etc, make for a pretty lousy time of things.

  • Nathan's grumpy announcement. Includes excerpts such as This ship will kill you.
  • Tara randomly bleeds over the network.
  • Gwen asks for a sleeping draft.
  • Charlotte can't sleep and is offering mani-pedi's.
  • Annie hopes John Grisham will put her to sleep.
  • Legolas offers wine, honey mead, and tea to calm the sleep-deprived nerves.
  • Claire wonders about the side-effects of no sleep.
  • Dr. McCoy and Simon make an announcement about coming to the Medbay if you're ill.
  • Amy wants boring stories.
  • Neal starts reciting Gone With the Wind with himself.
  • Zeke offers his own personal sedative to try and help.


Tyke announces that humanoid creatures, likely with extra abilities, have infiltrated the ship and advises passengers to exercise extreme caution. Many areas go into lockdown in response to the threat (ooc post here).

  • Epsilon wonders if it's safe to venture out again.
  • Peter Bishop wonders how normal this sort of thing is for everyone.

JUMP 024 Edit


Without explanation, we began to find ourselves sharing flashes of vision or memory that cannot be explained. They began as small twinges of emotion here and there, like mood swings of shared emotions, but gradually grew into what we discovered to be an **empathy link** with other passengers on the *Tranquility*. Seemingly random, memories and thoughts started to transfer between two parties. They came with headaches but we found that finding the other person and maintaining physical contact with them would alleviate these, as long as you could find out who that might be. These links deepened in the end, to include *physical* empathy links - shared pain, shared cravings, etc. Those links could only be broken through extended periods of physical contact - however if the link was not broken and the two people did not find each other, both encountered migraine-like symptoms, which ended in collapse. So really, it was in your best interest if you sought the people out, in the end.


  • Agent York is the first to note on the network the flashes of other people's memories in his head.
  • Peter Bishop asks about his annoying headache and why he remembers turning into a werewolf when he isn't one.
  • Nomi calls out to the individuals she has shared memories with, recalling the names "Holmes, Winchester, Celebrian, and Stark" from her dreams, as well as the planet Vulcan.
  • Igraine Pendragon asks if we are meant to deal with such invasive happenings such as this memory sharing often.
  • Stiles makes a handy sheet for people to contact each other if they have shared each other's memories. It reads: "My name is:", "Seeking:", "Do these names mean anything to you:", and "I know about your:"
  • Edgeworth reprimands people for discussing psychic connections, and tries to convince everyone to simply forget them. Also, to whoever is causing them, please stop.
  • Thranduil invites those who have shared his memories to speak with him.
  • Jaye doesn't think that you'll like her memories.
  • Mordecai looks for a 'Juliana'.
  • Loki waxes poetic about memories.
  • Ambrose Bahorel wants to know who has his memories, now is not the time for mind games.
  • Jax says that we've all got some "weird fucking lives", and seeks answers as to how long we've got to put up with this.
  • Konoe proves that those of us who don't have these memories are still experiencing the insomnia issues.
  • Andy wonders if he gets drunk, will the person getting his memories get drunk too.
  • Rikku seems pretty pissed off that everyone's memories seem to just be out there for everyone to see.


  • Topher discovers that whatever one person feels, their connection feels as well. He thinks we might be in trouble. And also wants to know if anyone who was fully assimilated on Strela is still around.
  • Angel doesn't want anyone's forgiveness, but he's warning about any memories of someone named Angelus killing and torturing people - that would be him.
  • Faith didn't sign up for this crap and she doesn't want to know about it, doesn't want to talk to anyone about memories, end of story.
  • Will Graham and Sherlock Holmes announce that contact is the key to breaking this. Extended contact, like a really long handshake. Sherlock also has an interesting theory about sex at this time...
  • Wheatley is seeking someone who has the memories of not having arms or legs and being a ball-shaped robot, because those are his, and he'd like to stop having these headaches.
  • Anonymous wants to know if people have memories of "weird shit in the desert and floating cats" because those would be theirs.
  • Cora wants to find Sirius so she can get rid of this damn headache.
  • Charles Darnay says that if you've got memories of being French aristocracy, those would be his.
  • Lisbeth wants to know how many people have left the ship and then returned, unrelatedly.

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